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Very happy to announce that our long lost friends Suburban Legends will be joining us as direct support on our upcoming UK tour!!! Several shows have sold out and the others are getting very close! Get your tickets now!!!

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Photo Set

✓ FantasyCon (2014) by Sneaky Zebra [x]

→ Best Cosplay

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Nick took a few photos of Eve Beauregard’s Jessie Cosplay

Photo Set


Birthday Weeks | Alive Week (Day #3):

Moon Moxxi (on GIF #1), Lilith (on GIF #2), Red and Purple Mad Moxxi (on GIF #3) and Handsome Jackie (on GIF #4) from Borderlands


  • Jessica Nigri [TW | FB] (Moon Moxxi)
  • Lindsay Elyse [TM | TW | FB | IN] (Lilith)
  • Gogo Incognito [TW | FB | IN] (Red Mad Moxxi, with megaphone)
  • Enasni Volz [TM | DA | TW | FB] (Purple Mad Moxxi, with tip jar)
  • Lisa Lou Who [WW | TW | FB] (Handsome Jackie)

Videographer: The Sneaky Zebra [YT | TM | TW | FB]

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Working on some funky end credits…

  • Question: Was wondering if you ever thought about coming to fan expo in Toronto Canada - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Yip, would love to! Same issue as other cons it’s really expensive for us to attend and unless we have someone who’s willing to sponsor our trip we personally can’t afford it.


Commander Shepard: A Dramatic Reading‏ by Jennifer Hale
[Sneaky Zebra]

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  • Question: Hey I know you guys announced a bunch of cons you will/will not be doing this year but... I wondering if you would be at NYC Comic Con. I am a huge fan of your videos :) - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    We’re really trying to get to this one, we’re in talks to a few people about getting our travel costs covered. If we can we will be there! 

  • Question: Hi i really love your videos! Just wondering if you will be going to any UK conventions like London and Birmingham Comic Con? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Our next one is Winter London Film and Comic Con :)

  • Question: Are you guys going to be at Richmond Comic Con this year? (i'm a huge fan btw) - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Probably not I’m afraid, it’s extremely expensive to hit up the cons that are overseas unless someone sponsors us.

    Glad you like the videos though!

  • Question: Hey, are you guys going to be at Eurogamer this year? :D - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Not sure if we are filming there though….


Got to film with the awesome Jennifer Hale today :)


Our view of filming a vlog…

  • Question: are you going to the Emerald City Comic Con? - joelsuf
  • Answer:

    Probably not as we’re from the UK the travel is quite expensive.